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Digital And Ink Fingerprinting Services

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Fingerprinting is done in one of two ways – digitally by scanning your fingerprints on to a Live Scan computer and/or by ink (wet prints) manually on an ink card. Typically, your employer or the agency that requires you to have your background screened will inform you on the type of fingerprinting needed.

Ink fingerprint cards cost $14.00 plus tax or two cards for $20.00 and we provide the FBI FD-258 card or you may bring your own FD-258 or SF-87 card.  You do not need an appointment for ink fingerprints.  Please make sure that your employer wants an ink set.. Most licensed jobs in Washington require an digital set.  All Oregon jobs must be done with ink since our Live Scan system is only setup to summit the fingerprints to the Washington State Patrol.

When your fingerprints are scanned digitally, it is referred to as a Live Scan. Upon completion of your live scan, your digital prints are electronically submitted immediately to the to the Washington State Patrol (WSP) and/or the FBI. These government agencies will then match your fingerprints against their criminal data base and directly notify the requesting agency of the results. If you have no record, you have successfully passed your background screening and the requesting agency may then issue your license or credential and authorize you to commence employment as the case may be.

You must make an appointment to have these types of fingerprints.  Appointments are made through IdentoGO's website or by calling 1-888-771-5097
Most agency's require you to have an OCA and BCCU number before making the appointment.  We cannot give you this information, only the person you are are doing the fingerprints for can give you these numbers and usually come on a WA state appointment form.